Explore the Area of Dubai

July 20, 2017
Inside the United Arab Emirates is the Emirate of Dubai, which is a business hub of the Middle East.  While visiting Dubai, people should take note of all the high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, because they are some of the tallest in the entire world.  In fact, the world’s tallest building is the Burj Khalifa, which is located in the city of Dubai.  

Dubai may be in the Arabian Desert, but it is not completely covered in sand.  However, it does have a hot desert climate with temperatures reaching the hundreds during the summer months.  

Here are 5 things that everyone must experience while in Dubai:

1. Dubai Mall

This mall is the largest one in the world and people can choose from one of the twelve hundred stores to shop in.  Interspersed between the stores are other features including an ice rink, movie theater, and an aquarium, so there is much more for people to do other than shop.  At nighttime, everyone needs to spend time in front of the Dubai Fountain outside of the mall, to see the water light up and dance as music plays in the background.  

2. Jumeirah Beach

The Jumeirah Beach is the best beach in Dubai and people should understand that they need to arrive early to guarantee a spot in the sand.  Throughout the day, everyone can swim in the blue waters, before lying in the sand for a nap and enjoying a picnic lunch or a barbecued dinner.  

3. Bastakiya Quarter

This is the historic district of Dubai and it used to be a fishing village, but it now contains art galleries, cultural institutions, and multiple cafes.  This area is much more charming than the downtown area and it is much quieter too.  

4. Gold and Spice Souks

A souks is similar to a bazaar or marketplace and there are booths set up with vendors selling jewelry made of gold, silver, and platinum, and spices of all kinds.  There are many different souks in Dubai, but the two that are mostly recommended are the Gold and Spice Souks, which are on opposite sides of the creek.  

5. The Dubai Museum

This museum is inside the Al Fahidi Fort, which is the oldest building in Dubai.  There are multiple exhibits that feature the culture, geography, and history of the region.  People can also wander amongst the models of local boats and bamboo houses that used to be found all over the area.  

Dubai may not be known as a tourist destination, but people can learn a lot if they travel there.  They can also purchase many quality items for a lot less, especially when they visit one of the souks.